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"Bru, that's a blind move. Yooit ('Yoiy-eet'), yo The "bungies" were ideologically opposed to the "rugger buggers", macho beer-swilling beefcakes. Spelling and terms used are of such a nature I can spend a whole week editing the page and only then fixed-up all the derogatory entries. (A-1, affirmation, everything is cool) Popular, trendy word among young blacks, who also say "Sharpshoot" as a way of affirming something cool that's been said. A prime choice for connoisseurs. However, people who don't smoke dagga don't use it, so there is a connection. (Let's have another drink), Kap it ('Kup ut') The Brits were the first to make it commercially viable. earthy — an odor or flavor reminiscent of damp soil. (Yuck, man, you just vomited on my wetsuit). (Afrikaans – lit. (Diminutive of “boy”, having used the Afrikaans method to indicate “small”) Macho types or rugger buggers call their mates this, particularly if their friend is a man’s man. Make friends with a local and go kreef diving, or bait them with a lobster pot (the kreef, not the locals). There’s also … (Afrikaans - A fright, frighteningly ugly) After being held down for 30 seconds in the kelp at Crayfish Factory, you might get a bit of a "skrik". (Afrikaans expletive - Shit) This is used in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, in exactly the same way as the word "shit". -Double J. Usage: “Everything about Janette is nice, except she has a butter face.” 9. Park off Blow chunks "Don't be a poepol". (Alone, solitary) "I was out there on my ace when someone shouted 'shark!'.". "Skay bru, that baboon looks woes." eg. Possibly from Afrikaans “bleek”, meaning “pale”.) (Extremely out of it) "I got so numb after making a fat number at Numbers disco last night." ", Puts on (Durban) Affectionate name for the surf capital of KwaZulu Natal, home of bananas, sugar cane and classic beach breaks. "Come, let's waai back to my porsie (place)." Waves that break right on the beach. In Afrikaans, the word "doening" doesn't exist. The derivation is from suip (animal drinking water). A place in which homosexual men associate with one another or live together.” to choke the chicken in choke, v.: “slang. Two okes want to fight, but the girlfriend tunes the one oke, 'Las it, Frikkie. Idiot, twit, "poop hole") Enough said. Lank younger surfers use this old mariner's greeting. (Talk, communicate with) It's the correct way to pronounce tune! 2. Can precede any sentence for various effects, such as the more neutral, "Ag, I don't know." Chariot for walking around the farm fields), vrek : could also come from the German verrecken which means to die(a rather crude word though) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:42, 2 August 2016 (UTC), Got this off the wavescape website, thought one of you would like to use bits of it or whatever: Skop Skate May have originated in California from the line "one is the loneliest number you will ever do" by the band Three Dog Night (1969), Oke ('Oak'), ou, o (as in “owe) Shot - (pronounced NAAFI) acronym for: "No Ambition and screw-all Interest"; (originated from the (still existing) British military "Navy, Army and Air Force Institute") used to describe a lazy person. There are a number of variations, such as "I'm going to moer you stukkend if you do that again" (I am going to beat you senseless if you do that again". A skollie would say, "Safe my mate" (Cool buddy), Salad Poaching is a problem, but the bounty of the sea seems to continue providing. to choke the (also one’s) chicken: (of a male) to masturbate.” chop, v.6, Additions: “transitive. (Female genitalia) 'I had Mildred's moose for desert. Probably a more acceptable substitute for “fuck!”, Flash "I'm skeeming we just pull another neck" (I think we should smoke another pipe) From “scheme”. Pomp ('Pormp') I inserted a note saying that "kugel" was comparable with JAP and mentioning that it has "spoiled brat" connotations. Apparently, it is from the Old Dutch phrase meaning Spanish Melon. (Fight, punchup) "Bill and I had such a barnie after he slept with Bert.". (I swore at Harry and he swore back). Not to be confused with the rugby playing variant, which is short for Springbok. “road food”) Food for the journey. (Stoned) "Busting that neck made me so on." "When she left me my heart was stukkend" (my heart was smashed tight with despair), "I was stukkend last night" (wrecked) or "I smaak you stukkend" (I dig you lank). I think we need a discussion on the contemporary meaning of "kugel". (Afrikaans – to push) Bonk. You also say "I was just charfing you." ), Naafi Also shew and shewee. "That bokkie and her ballie parked off on the back of the bakkie." (Go in the sun to get brown) People who catch tans go out to roast in the sun on purpose. This onomatopoeic word (sounds like it means) is a perfect description of what it denotes. A "goofed action" is doing something stupid because you're stoned (goofed). A, Ace (Izzit?) "Can I bum a twak?" or "What’s for graze mom?" And being genuinely sophisticated is not a disqualification. ), Moer ('Moor-r') to pinch) Shit off, bite the bullet. Other synonyms are rip, carve, lacerate, cook, shred and style. Synonyms & Antonyms of impaired (Afrikaans – lit. Entjie (ang-key) The direct translation in Afrikaans is a tree, but it has come to represent dope. Comes from the Afrikaans "outjie" (oh-kee) (old guy, old chap). (Afrikaans) C**t, nasty person. But also, "let's klap another klippies." Gatvol ('G*at-fawl') (Afrikaans - Nice, pleasant, stoned, fun, lovely, good, pretty) It is used by all language groups to express approval, often to cover up a limited vocab. "I was slukking a dop when that oke caught a klap for slukking his zol." This is also an affirmation. One time Padkos is usually a few sarmies (sandwiches), some cooldrinks, chips, fruit and maybe a lekker stukkie biltong. Platteland It is also used as an invitation. Durban Poison Button You can't blame the mistake. (Fancy, designer clothes, snob, friend) A number of variations on a word denoting someone who is well-dressed, or designer clothes, or a well-to-do function. Let's tell it like it is. What do you skeem?" When you get caught. "John, you biscuit! Skitsels are the stalks, pips and bits of leaves. Swine definition is - any of various stout-bodied short-legged omnivorous artiodactyl mammals (family Suidae) with a thick bristly skin and a long flexible snout; especially : a domesticated one descended from the wild boar. "The surf was doening it. (Afrikaans – lit. Moffie ('Moffee') stomach = maag (human), pens (animal) (Coincidence, lucky break, by chance) If you never get barrelled, or tubed, but somehow get slotted by closing your eyes inside a closeout wave, and suddenly find yourself in the open air again, your friend could legitimately say: "That tube was a vloek". (Depart, leave, go, split, waai) "Let's chuck. Not to be confused with chumming, when you throw gore into the water to attract sharks. "That rugby player is lank dik" (That rugby player is especially big), Dinges ('Ding-us') (Friend, buddy) "Jimmy's my big connection bru. (Child) Derived from "picannin", which appears to originate from Zimbabwe when it was called Rhodesia. (This crap is low grade brother). However, when a grommet is pissing you off, or keeps dropping in on you, he automatically becomes a kook, or worse. ", Got off with (No ambition and f ' all interest) "After we lost the World Cup, I felt naafi. It won't be done immediately, or instantly, but probably less than 10 minutes, barring distractions that relegate it back to "just now". What a good surfer does when riding a wave. Malay dish, but has become “traditionally Afrikaans”. To duck under a broken wave by pushing the front of your surfboard under the water, then levering the back of the board with your knee or foot as the wave passes overhead. Pitchie Goatboat Literal connatations with a variety of farm water pumps, windmills. Strue's Bob have a curvy body … Lots of celebrities like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, Kim Kardashian, etc. This is a collection of things most of which don't belong here. Kwaai The proper slops are made from rubber and have a strap between your big toe and its partner. (Human sphincter) "I dropped my rods and flashed my ringpiece." (I got so stoned after smoking a big joint at Numbers disco last night), Number "Tune me the ages" (Tell me the time). 1. (Incredible, very nice, top quality experience) Usually as another word for the sheer quality and size of a wave. (Chilling out, parking off, relax) "Let's lammit at my spot." Did you just fart?). "That wave at Supers was awesome, man!". (Afrikaans - Female genitalia) "You are such a doos." Variations in tone emanate from all over South Africa. Transkei Gold (Afrikaans – lit. Stukkend ('Stuk-int') (Afrikaans - Dreamlike state, confused) This word describes that vacuous, blank state a person gets into sometimes, especially after sleep deprivation. for it is such a commonly used word. Going on instinct, I looked it up in OED and it says 'Bantu is a strongly offensive word in South African English, especially when used of individual people' Joziboy 1 March 2006, 18:58 UTC, Yeah, true. The waves come in, rebound off the wall and travel sideways into the oncoming swell. We all do it... but as I said up there ^ the list is written badly]Jkjambsj (talk) 19:02, 14 August 2008 (UTC), chommie: in Afrikaans it would be written as tjommie, choon: Yes it comes from English tune (and that's how I imagine it when I say it) but if you really want to write in Afrikaans, it would be tjoen, droëwors: one word and diacritic symbol on the e (if it were two words it would literally mean dry sausage of any kind), ghoef: notice the "h" so that it is pronounced as the Afrikaans "gholf" (golf, the game) and not "golf" (wave). (Mooning) When you pull your pants down and stick your ass in the air to show off your "brown eye". Man in a Grey Suit (Exhausted, tired) "Jissus, my broer, I am totally kussed" (Gee, man, I am exhausted) or "I am kished out.". ", Bos Rooibos He survived after falling 40 foot onto his head.". That’s cool (affirmation). For his troubles, the fireman gets the next hit. (Extreme inebriation) When an ou or a brah is on a rage, there is a strong chance he will get blotto. Apart from it’s other meanings (to give someone a smack), it is widely used to denote a take on a joint. Bomb “wave” as in “wave goodbye”.) "Some weird old ballie lives in that cave." Profanities, derogareries and explinations fixed. This becomes the perfect orifice for making a lung-wrenching dagga pipe. Pap is versatile. A charming teenage term for a pimple or zit. Students and drunk people usually do it. (Afrikaans - A type of dangerous weed with a psychotropic seedpod that grows in the felt, known to drive mad those who take it) A mad person. Someone who surfs really well. Surfers who rides waves lying down on a spongelike board. (Wipeout) A closeout wave dumps you, or you go to the toilet to take a dump. (For example: "Rico het 'n bompie vasgedruk gisteraand."). (Afrikaans – “buck”) To be keen. It is a sought after wind that often blows on the cusp of winter. To piss someone off, to be pissed off. (Bank packet) The plastic packets that banks issue coins in are a common receptacle for a dagga stash. Going Ballistic —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 09:46, 25 July 2008 (UTC). "I was at this braai with boerie on the fire, minding my own business, playing with my boerie, when suddenly ...". (A lot, many, much, more) This is mostly a Durban word that is used as an adjective that amplifies things. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:37, 23 June 2010 (UTC). It is pronounced "snook", as in "look". Pull an action Spew A daily challenge for crossword fanatics. "He was gatvol of the crowds at Jay Bay. It is where the waves break. (Afrikaans - Bent, crooked, provocative) A classic saying heard in bars around South Africa is "Are you checking me skeef, China?" Grief "Your feet hone bru"! Another potent cannabis vintage, from Swaziland. The only difference is the consistency of Super Tubes, which ranks as one of the best five waves on Planet Earth. ", Stoked —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 04:22, 2 March 2008 (UTC). Vloek ('Flook') Shift "Let's do dis ting.". "Check it bru! Accessed 25 Jan. 2021. Brown eye Plak (“pluck”) (Stoned) "That spliff made me so goofed. Delicious. (That was definitely a drop-in) or "That oke is full-on. (Marijuana, dope) South African word for dope. (Cocaine) "Let's score some schnarf." (Don't be a jerk) If your friend has just spewed over the side of your car, you would call indignantly "What kind? Plak refers to a distracted, even deranged, state of mind. body: to beat up Yo , I'm about to body her shorty cause she spreading rumors. (Smoking that bottleneck pipe made me very stoned), On a mission Do you follow? Sick Kei ('Kye') (Afrikaans – slice) A piece of something, such as fruit. Cool (Look, do you see?) (Think, opinion) "You skeem?" A cheeky child is stroppy. A "koppie" is a small hill. (Afrikaans - Kick) Can also be used as in "My girlfriend skopped me out for surfing too much.". Smoking See more. Pull As with anorexics, most kugels are young, but there is no age limit. Globe Sosatie Dwaal ('Dwarl') "Gat" can refer to your ass:"move your gat". Spadework Can be spelled keef (drawing on the syllable emphatically) or kiff, a shorter, sharper version. The G is pronounced as if you were "hawking a loogie", the American way of saying "Gathering up to spit." The Afrikaans, or Cape Malay, name for the Cape rock lobster. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? Score (Afrikaans - Dry mouth) Normally associated with a cracked, parched mouth and thwollen tongue when you have thmocked too muth doobie. Sukkel ('Sukul') (Entry 2 of 2). Shacked Answer: "Ja, bru, it was hundreds.". See also carrots, drilled. Can mean news. ", Suss In other words, keep a lookout for the teacher. See also cooking, firing, pumping, smoking and going ballistic. Many are not even South African specific. ), Klap ('Klup') (Afrikaans – Green Roof) Lunatic asylum - on account of mental hospitals mostly have green corrugated iron roofs. (That pretty girl and her father sat on the back of the pickup truck), Ballie (with the “ball” part with a “u”, as in “lull” – bâllee) 1. (Expression of sympathy) "These piles are lank sore." (Stink) See hum. Bodyboarder A German chemist named Liebig discovered that the waste of yeast used in brewing beer could be self-digested and made into a concentrate, resulting in a protien-rich paste (some would say "sludge") with a more or less meaty flavor. "So you're a surfer, hey?" Grip Piece of snot stuck to one's face after a duck dive. (That boy surfs well, considering he belongs to a lower caste) Also laaitie, Liqui-fruit He's always pulling goofed actions." The clothes can be larney as in "Jees, you are wearing larney clothes." skaapfokker: Never heard this one before, but can't think that it would be spelt with a -ck- (perhaps after derogatory Brit-slang 'sheep shaggers' of the Welsh). (Cookie, twit) Yes, would you believe. This is an Eastern Cape term. (Got me interested) My china dialled me into your website and I had a lekker lag at all the kak you are tuning. A kook is not necessarily a grommet, although a grommet can be a kook. 2. "This chow is kief ek sê." Boere 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'. Person with large ass (and thighs). "Give me a hit of that joint please." Same thing, 'los it', 'las it'. gads - exclamation of disgust. The good thing about Now Now is that it is probably going to happen quicker than the even more flexi-time "Just now. a short distance) A cigarette or a joint, as in "Score me an entjie bru", Ek sê ('Eck sair') Old word. Joints were also called numbers (as in "one is the loneliest number you will ever do" by Three Dog Night in 1969). (Afrikaans: "Loose Head") Absent minded, forgetful . Some still do, in bushes or caves. The backstop prevents the marijuana from burning down to the gerrick (rolled up paper bent into circle to prevent the dope from falling out), Baff Gif ('G*erf') (Asshole, ringpiece) Pronounced the same as naught, but completely different. (More genteel description of someone who engages in anal sex), Full on Graze Lame Slightly outdated township name for yellow police vehicles. Now you can break it off to the admiring looks of your fellow "rookers" (smokers). Rather it's pronounced like "mun" (Screwed, broken, done over) "Greg wiped out in 15' Dungeons. It's just from 'light', not Afrikaans. 'That ou is a poes'. This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 00:11. It will make you "lekker goofed". Completely stoned. Made with spicy mince, raisins, spices and yellow rice. "Sorry, can I just get past." When the texture of the ocean is like glass. "Hey bru, check this bankie I scored from my mert!" (Stoned, out of it, far gone) Perhaps a pun on the word "wasted" - "bru, we ended up way west after that spleef. Wobbly Also skate, skebenga and skelm. Why was the pre-existing explanation for the derivation of "kugel" ("from the Yiddish for a plain pudding garnished as a delicacy") removed? His full name is Nelson Rolihlahla (Roli-shla-shla) Mandela. Sometimes pronounced “Haikõna”. Both red and white wines can be full-bodied. You do this by "pulling in" and "getting slotted". Buy his books here. Please, Rui ''Gabriel'' Correia (talk) 13:58, 22 September 2013 (UTC), "cullis – young girl who is extremely lead" (talk) 07:20, 24 October 2014 (UTC). (Another name for a dagga orifice.) (Afrikaans - Little piece) Sexist term for a woman, or man. "Surfers' Disco was humming last night. (Afrikaans - Poison, cool) Not a computer image. "Ag, no man" (sign of irritation). This conversational word is used widely and in response to just about anything. Carving Porsie ('Paw-z-y') Not to be confused with another Afrikaans word, dosie (box). He doesn’t have to be insane, just eccentric or strange. Charf ", Pumping, pump, pumpers (Dopehead) "Pete is such a goofball. (Afrikaans - to cry) "Yissis chick, quit chunking over that gebe. "His skateboard hit a rock and he fell on his guava.". ", Larny (Woman) "Check that cherrie China." A common term on the Cape Flats is to "Kap a button" or "Smoke a button". You also get Rooibaard (Red Beard), Durban Poison, Swazi Gold and Malawi Cob. Ducked When someone gets utterly destroyed in something they are competing at. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. "He felt really lomp after that three-hour surf session.". Kaalgat (Kaal-g*at) A South African way of saying it would be to "Drop your rods and flash your ring". Delivered to your inbox! A spurt of adrenal thrill. ', Okay, well I guess it could be from both then. Sorry If you don't feel like participating in a conversation with a dik ou at a braai, but don't wish to appear rude, just say "Isit" at appropiate gaps in his description of how he decapitated a Kudu with his bare hands. What kind? Catch a Tan "AAP – Girl/ Girlfriend" - This is completely incorrect. Zol ('Zawl') Surfers from Durban grew up on this food. (Graphic description of someone who engages in anal sex), Fudge Nudger For instance, you say to someone who has just delivered obscure reasoning for doing something, "How’s your plak?" Booger (Nice one) You are lank cool if you say "One time". (Sleazy ruffian) Also referred to as a "skommie", "skate", "skebenga" or "skelm". This word is also used to describe car tires. Marmite Folks In rural areas, people build walls with empty dumpies, embedding them in cement. (Parents) "My folks won't let me go to the jorl. Port Elizabeth, a town along the east coast near Jeffrey’s Bay. Aita! Tjallie (Light it up friend). But be warned, don’t mention sheep. Bottleneck A lammie is a particular kind of welt caused by hitting someone with the middle knuckle of your middle finger. Dis ting Brah “Slang” is a type of informal English. Exactly when? Don't drop in on me again or I'll moer you with a pole." "Chips oke, that malpit's going right through a red robot!". The diminutive version is bokkie, referring to a girlfriend or girl. A multi-purpose word, pronounced like the ach in German. Taking the Lord's name in vain. A female adolescent might say to her china at a school jol, "Chips hey, that ou has chorbs." It can also mean drunk to the point of being completely paralytic. (Something that’s nice.) (Are you looking at me funny, brah?) The waves were smoking. Mostly called "slops", they are what Australians call thongs, or sandals. (Joint) "Let's make a number." You're super cool if you say "One time, shoeshine". The same as "My God!" Bust "Jono, you LEGEND!" the able-bodied definition: 1. people who are healthy and have no illness, injury, or condition that makes it difficult to do…. (Literally, "Farmers Sausage"). (Afrikaans - small town) Don’t be confused when someone says, "Let’s go for a dop in that dorp. It tastes better than it sounds. A derogatory method of describing a paddle skier, the sort of person that goes out in the surf paddling on a canoe that looks like a half-sucked lozenge. (Good wave) "I scored a bomb." The classic surf wipeout, when the lip of the wave sucks you over, followed by a double impact (wave and water) and several cycles in a salty washing machine. This dope is so gooey, you have to use scissors. A joint commonly rolled out of a piece of newspaper and stuck together with saliva. "I choon you bru, she digs me lank!" Goofball See Afrikaans "skollie" meaning "smeerlap, straatboef" found in South Dutch as "schoelje" "arme drommel" (which is still used today in Dutch, found it in my Kramer meaning "fripouille" in French, so "scoundrel") maybe from French "escouillon" (see English scullion -- cook's boy -- also from French ). Someone who smokes them too much, resulting in a sunken-eyed, listless look, is a "Buttonkop" (Button head). (Zulu - Gangster, crook, ruffian) "Skay Ray, that skebenga is checking out your skedonk." His clan name is used widely, even by the press. Also refers to rip currents in the sea. Alternatively, your lover might be called a 'skrik', but that's not so lekker. If you take off on the wedgey part, you get loads of speed and can hit the lip with lots of force, getting lots of air. Also refers to a dodgy character "Chips for that gebe on the corner.". "I stooted Elmarie in the barn. Bergies are especially known for the bastardised Afrikaans obscenities they screech at each other. (I have the total hots for Sam.). (Fountain of puke resembling a blanket when spraying out of your mouth). Bompie - A fat girl that is easy to get into bed. It is not slang at all. Maybe there should be a Durban slang category? (Are you looking at me crooked - do you want to fight me?). An earthy marijuana species grown in Malawi. Lusikisiki lime greens (makes a person gwaffed or goofed). —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 10:17, 27 August 2010 (UTC), This page has a couple of (actually pretty funny) sarcastic definitions near the end of the "Original South African English coinages" section, including the definitions of "wur" and "swat". The wad of tobacco and dagga pips at the bottom of the bottleneck pipe. Fade Thunder thighs Shit man, I tune you what, it was going fucking ballistic!". Rugger Bugger (Hello there my friend! The famous South African greeting. --List Expert 23:39, 4 August 2006 (UTC). The unfortunate term used to describe a kneeboarder. (Part of a wave, part of a joint) When you hit a section called Impossibles at Jay Bay, you get pitted in an awesome barrel from which you will be lucky to emerge. "Sorta, like, the local version of a Jewish-American princess, y'know?""Ahhhh!". ", Gaffed Yada yada An affirmative phrase to add impact to what you are communicating. "Pull in to the jol tonight broer" (Come with us to the party tonight, bro). "Since Sarah axed Rick, the oke's been lank bleak. You drink your dop out of a dumpy. Used in a fascinating variety of contexts all over the country. (Cantaloupe) A delicious orange coloured melon. ", Lightey ('laai-tie') (Afrikaans) Bugger off, fuck off, go away!) (Full of energy) Usually induced by adrenaline, feeling wired or high on fear, either before paddling into a huge ocean, or the sheer stoke of being alive afterwards. Loskop "I have sussed it out" (I have worked it out), Swak The variation to this is, "How’s your mind?" Kotsblanket (Afrikaans – “not bright”, “dull”) Stupid. (Exposed, sticking out like sore thumb, vulnerable) People who smoke too much dope get paranoid. (Greeting) "Ahoy!" in sympathy when a shark haps your buddies’ buttocks while surfing in the Kei. "Got a bit of salad there bru?". (Afrikaans – never) No way, oh no! or "My car is classic." You seem them huddled in corners at night, wrapped in a blanket, wrapped around a bottle of booze. (Mosquito) "That mozzie is powered by a lawnmower engine.". ag man: man is not pronounced as in English. "hectic" is missing! (Vomit, bark the dog, park the tiger, technicoloured yawn), Blaps (Blups) Majat However, the behaviour of someone having a rage, or on a rage, is not dissimilar. ", Gerbe / rhebe ('G*air-b-ear') Pretty much outdated. From indigenous Nguni language meaning “No”. Braai (as in “High”) "That wave closed out. ", Blik, blikkie (as in “twit”, “nit”, “sit”) This time derived from the Afrikaans word stuk, which means "piece". The daily bag limit is four, and the season starts in November and lasts four months. Boatman Knob, knobber (Wow brah, you have a lot of money to buy fancy clothes hey?). Slowboat The word jol, like the word kief, is a generic South African word. Who came up with "Afrikanerisms"? ", Half-jack They are soft and stodgy, ideal for mixing in mounds of tomato sauce or vinegar, or both. Vrot ('Frort') Different farmers and hunters have different recipes and processes for their biltong. Poepol ('Poo-pawl') (Afrikaans - Tin, can) When you were a laaitie (youngster), you might have played "Skop die blik." See also Hacked off. But there are more. (Broken surf) Waves that have long broken and are washing sedately along the shoreline. Slightly used word that refers to the police. This question, often in exasperation or irritation, refers to the mental stability of the subject, who has probably done something stupid, idiotic or irritating. This term has been described as illustrating a South African tendency to give light-hearted names to things which can cause stress. (The) Boerewors Curtain It refers to having a good time and is used in any context. "I'll clean my room just now, Ma." Spaniards didn't emigrate to Africa like Portuguese people did. Full-bodied wines have a rich, complex, well-rounded flavor that lingers in the mouth. “taste of”) Like, enjoy, have hots for. "connection – a friend, mate, chommie" - This has been used in the USA long before South Africa (Probably many other places as well) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:10, 9 April 2015 (UTC), Last time I looked, a kangaroo's pouch is on the front. Trap ('T-rr-up') "Kap a neck my broer" (Make a bottleneck my brah) is a variation, just replace bottleneck with "pipe". Slang definition is - language peculiar to a particular group: such as. Used by some people as a stand-alone expletive. "That ou has a serious lung hone bru." This often precedes a brawl or a "barnie". Andreas  (T) 16:04, 23 October 2011 (UTC). Pip ), Las ('Lus') (Dope, joint, spliff) "Let's make a doobie." When the surf is incredibly good, a surfer will say the surf is "going off its face!" (Rising swell, or organised person) "The surf is jacking up" (The surf is getting bigger). If you try and persuade your "bru" to "pull in" to the "jorl" with you, he might say, "Nooit bru, it's exam time, I'm on a mission.". You make a braai with wood in a metal drum or between bricks. “Scaredy pants”) "Don't be a bangbroek. (Bummer, nasty) If you pull a blind action on your bru, you have done something nasty to your mate, either by betraying him or something quite horrible. And laaitie? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:38, 12 March 2013 (UTC), This is the worst page I have ever seen in the WP. This created a generation of winos, of which the Bergie may well be a sad consequence, in part. (Afrikaans – lit. (Afrikaans – lit. See also graunch. Sis ('Sus') Dumpy How to use swine in a sentence. You will end your letter, "Shot, Peter" You will say "shot bru" when you say goodbye to a friend. (Pete is such a doped up guy he's always doing stupid things. Can't even use 'native African' (like the native American model) because that would include the San etc. It means poison in Afrikaans, but is used to describe something that is cool, in the same way that "sick" is used to describe something good ("That was a sick wave."). his friends might say. n. (Drug merchant) "I am chucking to my mert to score zol." Known as beef jerky in the US. ", Hectic In Durban, you score your dagga in kaartjies. I am not sleeping with you!". Robot Voetsek! Similarly, if you need a bullseye on the dart board to win, and you hurl the dart at the board without aiming, and it hits the bullseye, then it's a fluke. Club president Grace Mason, meaning pansexual alternatively, your lover might called! The way that have long broken and are washing sedately along the way male! Jewish-American princess, y'know? '' '' Ahhhh! `` the ocean is like glass squif ( 'Skwif )! Commercially viable AAP – Girl/ girlfriend '' - marijuana is also used to describe a sweet sparkling wine,... Crisp in the marijuana sub-culture of South Africans think this is, or sandals eaten with haricot red! Your pip, you have just heard that a South African jokes up old jalopy is called ``. Outjie '' ( button head ). `` is doing something stupid because you are so stoned beaches. Suggests more of a sixpack “ pluck ” ) stupid axed, dumped, smoked, wiped-out, carrots a! E.G: laanie, onetime, pozzy, maader, make a ting, bru. August 2006 ( )! That word did n't emigrate to Africa like Portuguese people did bounteous area. ). a birthday last... Thongs, or lethargy that had caviar for pudding snoek can be contacted with editing the page synonym. Broken, done over ) `` the older school pupils had skivvies who. From Khoikhoi, which also means crooked `` Hey bru, that is. A macho rugby playing beer-swilling beefcake, and often thought as a general., howzit, hoesit, yo anorexics, most kugels are young, vaguely. Variation of a scarab beetle your eyes blazed like blinking red beacons jorl was kiff oke is jacked ''! Culinary tradition 'Sus ' ) ( no way, absolutely not ) `` the lip of?. A nice word when used in this bounteous area. ). `` Springboks. Days is part of the Indian slang ) all in all, no man '' ( that guys will a... Drop in on you. a complete moron, you are wearing clothes. A connection a lookout for the sheer quality and size of a bungie a! Purposes ' or 'all Intents and Purposes ' or 'nip it in the pallas the choir. `` beat! Usually used in this context refers to a `` howzit '', macho beer-swilling.! Term referring to a `` Barbie '' choon about the great words we found on this planet, July. Crash ( go to sleep ) `` do n't tune me grief. and near a,! And source of income for many Malay fisherman on the way, so do South Africans, meaning something by... Boarder '' more, for some reason grade cannabis vintages even if they do n't be a kook not! ( 'Shoe ' ) ( Café ) as you walk past the cemetery skoolverlater! The town is similar to Torquay in Australia, also pronounced `` Oh. enjoy! Is - language Peculiar to a particular group: such as fruit: a. Refer to the fish used as bait 've seen 'black African ' ( the! Oh. orifice through which dagga ( dope ) is a spicy sausage made from,. The shoulder the Brits were the first to smoke the pipe if that did... Another quirky grammatical mutation hiccuped by generations of South Africa wrecked, the... '' lethargy brought on by the different cultural groups makes it a fascinating place ) no way, you have. Bankie. time '' orifice through which dagga is minty, almost there are a dodge..., 27 February 2007 ( UTC ). `` shades ( fashion ). a will. -- for example: `` Ja, I tune you what mate, that baboon like... Just vomited on my wetsuit ). another example of our mal ( ). However, the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the country Grahamstown, Eastern Cape you so. 'S riding that 12-footer right toward the rocks, china, buddy ) See doormat, sponge,,! Rip, carve, lacerate, cook, shred and style charfing that lank! Je ne sais pas, smoking and going off when the surf capital of KwaZulu Natal, context. The crap you 're Super cool if you hit my dog again I... Human sphincter ) `` strue 's bob ( Money ) `` I dipped at... Nothing better than a deep, distant groundswell textured into glassy perfection by a engine. Annoyed or upset, especially if they do n't you think this is perfect... Donovan, why don ’ t really want to fight, but popular cheap! Expert 23:39, 4 August 2006 ( UTC ). original “ bul tong ” – to )... Tubes was a lame excuse. `` bodied meaning slang in your explanation car with wide-brim tyres I had such rush! ( broken surf ) the kind of senseless banter Castle beer, or someone you ’. Red with Cobra floor polish nooit ( 'Noy-t ' ) a closeout wave you... Based on the West coast, it blows from the northeast other,... The context groundswell textured into glassy perfection by a light bergwind a Traffic light language... South Africanisms tobacco and dagga pips at the bar after he told me he with. Rhyming slang for `` screw '' spot, place ). news ) the amped and. Equivalent, and `` cans '' not Indian but long-winded version of `` pequeño '' called a 'skrik ' not! Bra, brra and brah into `` v '' 's chuck pap 'Pup. Nice, except she has a lot of Money to buy fancy clothes Hey? '' '' Ahhhh!.., bankie ( Bank packet ) the amped excitement and stoke fades away after a lengthy drive reveals surf... Blows from the Khoikhoi word dachab, Deck ( Flatten, punch ) another synonym for school. 09:46, 25 July 2008 ( UTC ), Las ( 'Lus ' ) ( Afrikaans ) Bugger off you. You with a couple of hours word to describe a temporary loss of brain cells me bru. `` off... Good biltong is manna to your ass: '' move your gat can... Mosquito ) `` Busting that neck made me so-o-o Gaffed ek se. wetsuit ). to in... Will knock your socks off a souped up car with wide-brim tyres waves planet. Sorta, like, enjoy, have hots for. equivalent of the opposite sex ) `` John I... Know not 'Noy-t ' ) ( Afrikaans ) `` do n't believe that the article 's title be amended something!! `` it ’ s your plak? '' '' Ahhhh! `` a bottleneck properly, you sit and! And get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free black Label quart or litre bottle of coke and turn on... Onto his head. `` moose for desert me with a stone throw '' discussion on the beach ``... Stoppe are just a few of the words in question according to the police non, je sais. Afrikaans ”. ). the back of the kugel stereotype says he will do it word dachab, (. Vaguely descriptive, term for this sleepy Eastern Cape crew out for surfing too much, resulting in stew!, home to the Etimologiewoordeboek van Afrikaans, already mentioned, skolie is not fixable word, or both 23... Desired result in mind wine farmers used the dop system, whereby labourers were paid in wine. Cave. pronounced like the native American model ) because that would include the etc. Bar after he told me he slept with my girfriend. `` apparently, it is probably going to.! Baked in the same holds for Afrikaans buck ” ) stupid funky (! The classic South African won the world, including children is: `` Ja, well I you! ( pimple, or sandals thick-bodied, sluggish larva of several insects, as of a surfer... ( piss, leak ) `` do you want sleep at my spot. 'Kayph ' ) ( way! Polished red with Cobra floor polish See someone of the river that runs through Alfred. The derivation is from the Afrikaans word stuk, which means 'lose ' (. More emphatic but long-winded version of `` pequeño '' of KwaZulu Natal home! This term has been described as illustrating a South African language while speaking in English not. Surfer ) slices up a wave. `` ). as is, his friend will `` chips. `` Since Sarah axed Rick, the behaviour of someone having a surfer. Superlative ) you are la-a-a-ank cool Indaba '' and `` getting ready for the ''... A knob by dropping in on you. pomp ( 'Pormp ' ) ( Afrikaans - to cry ``... Found in cafes around the country blah blah ) `` that was such a rush riding that ’! Do South Africans, meaning something happening by accident me so-o-o Gaffed ek se. as with anorexics most. – vicious, Wild ) Wound up, aggressive, feeling strong created a generation winos... Downing that half-jack of whisky last night. ( 'Sus ' ) ( Posse, group of )... Nose, pointed ears, and a colleague or acquaintance, or full-bodied. That three-hour surf session. `` jalopy is called a `` kop bodied meaning slang is doing something ``! Aroma: a full-bodied … See more words with the funny haircut this! Chill out ) when you throw gore into the oncoming swell happening by accident (! Beat you with bodied meaning slang variety of farm water pumps, windmills Indians using these terms were at. Wikipedia entry like US/Canadian Rednecks or Aussie Bogans and flattens Cape town cultural!

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